The 17 most anticipated albums of 2022


Clockwise from top left: Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief (Photo: Burak Cingi / Redfern / Getty Images), Danny Brown (Photo: Jason Mendez / Getty Images), Animal Collective Geologist (Photo by Barry Brecheisen / Getty Images), Kim Petras (Photo: Gareth Cattermole for MTV / Getty Images)

Albums can be difficult to follow. The AV Club would like to officially record (no pun intended) as acknowledging this fact; every week, let alone every month, brings a deluge of new releases to record stores and digital streaming services.

Trying to follow them all is a mad rush. The best you can do is scan the lists of upcoming releases and set a few notification reminders on your computer or phone to alert you when something of interest is on the horizon. And even then, let’s be honest: it’s very easy to hit the mental equivalent of the snooze button on your internal calendar.

So consider this our little attempt to help you get a head start on the more intriguing releases of the coming year. Aside from the fact that many of the biggest artists have an unfortunate tendency to release new albums by surprise without warning (just a little head next time, Beyoncé, please), most of the top bands still give you notice when they release a disc.

So here is the occasion to mark the days: from Jack White to Spoon, from Big Thief to Bloc Party, here are some of the most remarkable albums which will be released in the year to come. It’s mostly the first half of 2022, because frankly, the second half has not yet been announced. But we also have a couple of promised LPs that just lack a firm release date (hi, Kim Petras!); check back soon, and we’ll update this list as soon as we have the information.


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