The multi-faceted and wonderfully sculpted music of Hyväluoma


Hyväluoma Group – Reflection (Lusti Music, 2017)

On the album “Reflection”, violinist and composer Tero Hyväluoma and his band take the listener on a crazy instrumental musical journey where traditional music meets jazz, electro, progressive rock structures, classical chamber music And much more.

“Bulgarian Punishment” is a thrilling high-speed track featuring dazzling musicality. As for “Infotron Obsession”, it elegantly combines acoustic and electronic instruments.

“High School Highbrow” has an exquisite Finnish folk flavor displaying wonderful interactions between violin, piano and accordion as well as a handful of quirky exploratory excursions.

On “Vekkula Survivor,” the ensemble switches to contemporary jazz piano, haunting accordion and violin, with brilliant acoustic bass solo lines and creative drums.

The track “Scandinavian Overture” masterfully brings together Nordic folk essences and finely crafted progressive rock.

The frenzied jazz returns to the wild “Goblin Chase”, a jazz fusion piece composed mainly of acoustic instruments and powerful drums.

“Weissmullerwise” offers the listener an evocative accordion accompanied by plucked and bowed violin joined by jazz piano and drums. Despite the track’s title, the track has a Celtic vibe and builds in intensity.

The last track, “Hang In The Balance” slows the pace. It is a beautiful and melancholy composition highlighting the beauty of Tero Hyväluoma’s violin.

The range includes Tero Hyväluoma on the violin; Harri Kuusijarvi on the accordion; Matias Tyni at the piano; Vesa Ojaniemi on the double bass; and Jesse Ojajarv to the battery.

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Author: Angel Romero

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