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Tim Burgess will release their new album ‘Typical Music’ on September 23rd.

The album was dropped off at Rockfield Studios in Wales, the same hallowed ground used by Queen, Manic Street Preachers and many others.

Released on September 23, “Typical Music” is an ambitious 22-track project, a true double album in the classic sense of the term.

“OK, we all know double albums, right? ” he says. “Historically, they have been seen as lenient. But I came to the conclusion that what I was doing was the opposite of that. I wanted to give people everything I had done. And everything that I brought to the studio and worked with guys, I colored them all the same. Every idea was treated as if it was the best thing and had to be handled with extreme care. I wanted to give my all. That was it.”

The title track is now live, a messy rockabilly number that turns into a dreamy melodic chorus.

Kevin Godley directs the video and picks up speed from the original composition.

The director comments…

“‘Typical Music’ feels like an out of control ‘something’ moving at an improbable speed, hoping pieces don’t fall before it crashes, and chaotic propulsion is what this film is about. We filmed in a tiny room using 3 hand-held cameras, the most effective being a GoPro with a 360 degree lens with which Tim filmed himself while literally bouncing off the walls, his interpreter’s understanding of its potential giving the film exactly the kind of warp-speed risk I was looking for.

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“Typical Music” is released on September 23. Catch Tim Burgess on a national tour in June.

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