Tommy Jeans 2022 ‘Play to Progress’ Campaign Features Nigerian Singer TEMS


Are you tired of the same old crises? For those of you in a style rut, take a look at Tommy Jeans’ latest three-parter”Play to progresscampaign featuring Nigerian singer TEMS, virtual style star imma, and BMX-er Rayshawn Isaiah Washington, aka BikeLifeRex, for major inspiration.

“How do you live if you can’t take risks, how do you learn? » STEM says in the campaign video. “There is no learning without curiosity.”

Tommy Jeans brought together these three innovators in hopes of encouraging their community to break out of the norm and try new things. The story begins with the company’s strong connection to music and culture, as the first chapter delves into TEMS’ bold career. She revealed that she got to where she is today by experimenting and performing with her own Afrobeats.

Image via Tommy Jeans

“Learning to find your own position in life evolves your creativity. That’s freedom,” she shares in a statement. “I was sick of waiting for help. So, I taught myself the production skills I needed to make a song. Only I have the power to change my destiny.

Things continue with street style photography of Asia’s first hyper-realistic CGI model I’m going, pushing viewers to blur the line between the digital and physical worlds. This partnership redefined creativity as imma showed the endless possibilities of fashion via the metaverse and social media.

Tommy Jeans imma 2022
Image via Tommy Jeans

To continue proving that the sky is the limit for creatives, Philly’s BikeLifeRex and its crew is also very hot with awesome head-turning stuff. Beyond the action, the heart of its involvement is above all community, because we cannot progress alone. BikeLifeRex also serves as a mentor for local youth by providing a safe space where everyone can come together and have fun.

BikeLifeRex Tommy Jeans 2022
Image via Tommy Jeans

And they do it all in denim, including Tommy Jeans’ new Denim Progressed initiative, a program that champions next-level sustainability with recycled materials to help preserve floors and circular denim. Up top, the trio rock the striking Chicago Reversible Windbreaker with the brand’s famous color blocking design.

That said, don’t wait until next season to try your luck in life and with your style. Channel Tommy Jeans and act now.


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