Who wrote Miranda Lambert’s “Strange” and what the song is about


Miranda Lambert released her ninth studio album, palomino, in April 2022. Ahead of the album’s release, the country singer released the song “Strange” as a pre-release single. The song proved to be very popular with fans upon its release. Here’s what we know about Lambert’s song “Strange.”

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Who wrote Miranda Lambert’s song “Strange”?

“Strange” was released as a single on March 10. The song was written by Lambert, Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby.

In an interview with StageRightSecretsLambert shared how the song “Strange” came about.

“’Strange’ is Natalie’s baby. “Strange” we were sitting on the porch and she was like “I have this song”. We have to write it down. And sometimes Natalie will like to go down, she will take the route you want to take. But sometimes she comes up with like, ‘This is what we’re doing today.’ And it was one of those days,” Lambert said.

When it comes to the song’s bridge, each song’s co-writer ended up having a say.

“The bridge, we couldn’t land on a bridge, so each of us went to write a bridge on our own and came back. And we ended up using each other’s deck lines. So we co-wrote this without even meaning to,” Lambert revealed to StageRightSecrets.

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What is Miranda Lambert’s song “Strange” about?

Speaking to StageRightSecrets, Lambert went into detail about “Strange.”

“I think ‘Strange’ is permission to let go for a second,” the country singer said.

When discussing the song itself, Lambert admitted that she had certain criteria for the chorus of “Strange.”

“It came out, like in the verses, I felt like it was a little crazy and I was like, ‘Take what you want’. You know, it means something different to each person. But I really wanted the chorus to elevate, like literally, and just the emotion. I wanted it to elevate and get into a happy place,” Lambert told StageRightSecrets.

The singer-songwriter also shared that she thinks “Strange” is timeless.

“It’s such a song for a time we’re in right now. But it also doesn’t look like it won’t matter in 10 years. There is always something weird going on,” she said.

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A look at the lyrics to ‘Strange’

palomino takes on the mindset of a wanderer, making it the perfect album for a road trip. The music video for “Strange” features Lambert in a desert, posing among the landscape.

With the lyrics to “Strange”, Lambert encourages listeners to do whatever they need to do to deal with the strangeness of the world.

“Smoke a cigarette, buy a bullet/Get on an airliner to go anywhere/Pick a string, sing the blues/Dance a hole in your shoes/Do anything to stay sane”, she sings.

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