Youngworldibi Releases Authentic Hip-Hop Album “Blackout”


Youngworldibi Releases Authentic Hip-Hop Album “Blackout”

By: Nadia Sobehart

Hip-hop artist Youngworldibi – that’s “Young world ‘eye-bee-eye'” to you – has released his new 13-track album, “Blackout”, now available on all music platforms. “Of course, I’m excited. I can’t wait to see what happens next,” Youngworldibi says of their recent album release. “I would say my music is different. I don’t think I’m like the others. »

The album is not limited to a single sound. According to the artist, “I’m everywhere with it, I change my style. Lots of lyricism. But the predominant genre is hip hop/rap. Inspired by Notorious BIG, as well as JayZ, Nas and Lil Wayne, the artist started writing at age 15 and focused on developing his wordplay from an early age. Youngworldibi never wanted to sound like anyone else, so they focused on finding their own authentic sound.

“I would say my biggest inspiration for this album is that I wanted to do better,” Youngworldibi says of his latest work. Although the artist has previous records available, this is the one he is most excited for. “A lot of my songs are about my life, things I’ve been through or going through. I mention things about how hard he’s trying to do it. Being locked up and stuff like that.

In prison, Youngworldibi spent hours poring over his songwriting and creating the lyrics for what would one day become his collection of songs. His writing process “When I was locked up, I wrote a lot. I have a lot of material that I’m going to find beats for. Then I write a hook or something, add bars.

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based artist spends time between his hometown and Camden, New Jersey. Although he has yet to perform his new songs for a live audience, Youngworldibi is excited about the possibility. He is also looking forward to releasing more music in the next 3-4 months. “I’m proud to have come this far. Life is hard, but I’ve made it this far. And people also show him love.

Ultimately, Youngworldibi wants to tell the world, “I just want people to know that if they’re looking for something different, an original sound, just check me out.”

Be sure to stay tuned to Youngworldibi and follow him on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts.

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