YouTube Music is testing personalized “Recommended Radios”


Along with a new “Add to Playlist” user interface for mobile, YouTube Music is testing “Recommended Radios”. Compared to radio stations generated from a single song, this new offering seems to be compiled from multiple influences.

For those seeing this feature, going through the Home tab will reveal a new “Recommend Radios” carousel. It requires a bit of scrolling and is positioned about halfway through the stream. You get 10 radios with a wave-shaped sleeve style that features the YT Music logo in the top left corner. They change each time the stream refreshes. What appears to be the main inspiration for the station is displayed in the center and there can be up to three.

These radio stations are named after a single band or genre, and are sometimes accompanied by a decade (e.g. 2000s, 2020s) or other descriptions (“Deep cuts”). YouTube Music also previews other artists included below.

For example, “Pop Radio • Deep cuts” features Concorde, Vampire Weekend and Mr Little Jeans. On mobile, tapping opens the playlist page (instead of autoplay), with the description saying “Endless music personalized for you. Always up to date. You have the option to “add to library” and download for offline listening, while there are about 100 songs in all.

YouTube Music users started seeing Recommended Radios over the weekend, but they haven’t rolled out widely yet.

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