Artist Fifty Shotz Tells Inspirational Story Through His Track “SVM Fifty Shotz – End of Discussion”


Having a difficult childhood, the artist Fifty Shotz gave some inspiring hip-hop tracks. ‘SVM Fifty Shotz – End of discussion ‘ is one of them.

Musically rich and intriguing, and creatively different and unique is the style of the artist’s songs. Fifty Shotz released his last track ‘SVM Fifty Shotz – End of discussion ‘. The track is one of the most detailed tracks in hip-hop music. Incorporating the style and lifestyle of his song, he stylized the song further. If you think the hip-hop world today lacks innovation, listen to the song and together discover authenticity and uniqueness. The song has the ability to bring back the true spirit of hip-hop music. Over the years, many hip-hop artists have come to slander the genre with their worst creation. Well, it is now certain that the artist is not one of them.

The song serves as a perfect blend of rhythm with lyricism, which has given the song the badge of a complete musical pie. Fifty Shotz as a songwriter seems to have a deep knowledge and understanding of music writing. The use of poetic techniques such as rhyme, rhythm and double meaning gave the song a solid foundation on which the artist became playful with his creativity. His creativity is further enhanced by the appropriate use of rhetoric. It worked as a sparkling element of her song. His talent was discovered by the CEO of Teeroy at Out Cold Entertainment. Although he was contacted by so many music houses, the artist chose Out Cold Entertainment to release his song.

Another important aspect of his song is the music. The beats are intriguing and thrilling. With low musical complexity but detailed use of the instruments, the song ‘SVM Fifty Shotz – End of discussion ‘managed to create a harmony that makes his rap more rhythmic. Plus, it was her voice that sounded more magical than anything else. Even his other pieces’Cop a bow ‘ and ‘Errrbody returned ‘ also show the artist’s brevity.

His rap showcases his struggling and struggling childhood growing up in Memphis. His first track was “Menace”. He started making music inspired by his cousin Pooh Shiesty. Listen to his track because his tracks are a source of inspiration for those who want to be successful and become rich person. All his songs that you can listen to on his official Youtube channel. Moreover, it is also available on other platforms to interact with listeners, like Instagram, Twitter, Apple Music, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

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