Bringing Dynamism to Alternative, Latin and World Music World: Dynamic Artist GG-Veli Set to Soar with New Single



With the release of their new single, “Shottas”, talented band GG-Veli are putting their musical brand on the map of listeners around the world.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, United States, November 11, 2021 / – Marked by unique and characteristic alternate rhythms, interspersed with lyricism and rich and upbeat Latin rhythms, GG-Veli’s music is a real treat for ears. By creating memorable and exciting mixes through the use of enigmatic soundtracks, the talented artist is making a name for himself in the world of Latin music and the world.

Blending a range of touching styles in her new composition, titled “Shottas,” GG-Veli tackles conversations that matter and make sense. Far from alternative music devoid of meaning and spirit, GG-Veli is distinguished by the use of elements, patterns and lyrics that will resonate in the hearts, minds and souls of listeners.

Adding a fascinating flavor to the genre, the eclectic artist weaves themes of love, family, freedom and life, which fit perfectly into the time puzzle he creates with his craft. More than anything, GG-Veli’s musical compositions pay homage to God’s omnipotence and emphasize the complex ways in which life, love, and family are sequenced under God.

“Exlectus is my brother from another Jersey mother, I’m from Maryland and we [have come together] make a Latin hit representing our women to be beautiful in any way, ”says the dynamic artist of her latest release.

“Shottas” was unveiled on October 26, 2021 and posted on the artist’s official music platforms on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and more. After listening to the new magnetic version, listeners are bound to fall in love with the unique vibes that emanate from the single, strikingly distinguished by the artist’s strong vocal prowess.

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A memorable and growing talent in the world of alternative and Latin music, GG-Veli is determined to create his own distinct brand in the music world. The seasoned artist remains motivated by his firstborn, his son, who remains his pleasure and his inspiration on a daily basis and imbues him with divine strength.

Inspired by the power of her unwavering belief in God and Christ, GG-Veli hopes to work towards her future goals and plans by leaving a tremendous legacy for her family and children, while enjoying freedom and life. herself.

A fresh new face in the music industry, the 30-year-old artist carries with him a different style, straight out of Maryland, where he grew up in the struggles of life. Using her vocal talents and genius to create rhythmic beats, GG-Veli hopes to succeed and show her family the paradise they deserve to see.

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