How old is country singer Drake Milligan? America’s Got Talent (AGT) Finalist Releases New Album After Season 17 Finale


America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 17 runner-up Drake Milligan has released his album Dallas Fort/Worth Thursday, just a day after the season finale of the reality talent show series.

The 24-year-old country singer placed third, but won the hearts of millions of people who tuned in to the show as well as judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel.

Earlier Thursday, Drake posted a photo of the album cover and shared the exciting news with his fan base, which has grown since his debut on AGT. He said:

“I’ve waited so long to be able to say this…my first album, Dallas/Fort Worth, is now available ! Check it out at the link in my bio and let me know what you think.”

The new album has already made headlines as it charted at number 1 simultaneously on a number of platforms, including the iTunes All-Genre Top Albums and iTunes Top Country Albums charts. Considering that, it’s safe to say that Drake’s country music career looks bright and it’s just the beginning.

More details on Drake Milligan’s album and his AGT journey

Drake’s debut EP is called Dallas Fort/Worth and has 14 songs of various nature. Two of the songs that appear on the albumSay goodbye all night and Sounds like something I would do – are the ones he performed during his debut on America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 17.

The country singer performed Sounds like something I would do for his audition round and he had already reached number 1 before he could enter the contest. His charming personality and vocal range made him instantly popular among viewers, which also cemented his name as a country singer, allowing him to work more for his dreams.

As part of his final performance on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Drake performed Say goodbye all night and impressed the judges and live studio audience, earning him a standing ovation.

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AGT judge Simon Cowell called his act “the best performance of the night”. He confessed to having huge respect for Drake having returned to the stage to perform even though his audition song had already hit the charts. Simon said:

“I have to say something, Drake. A lot of people after they auditioned and their song was number one, they walked and didn’t compete. The fact that it happened and you always come back to compete in that competition, you have my absolute respect because I was really concerned about that.”

The long date AGT the judge continued:

“In my opinion, I think you’re the real deal. You’re a great songwriter. You have real charisma. I’m with Howie, based on tonight…this is, in my opinion, the best performance of the night.”

After the live show, Drake spoke at length to PEOPLE magazine about his performance, his career as a country artist and the love from fans.

The singer confessed that he and his band wanted to “raise the bar” and keep doing the same. He was also grateful to be able to get on stage and perform and to receive great feedback from the judges.

Speaking of receiving love and support from fans, the AGT star said:

“That’s all I ever dreamed of as a songwriter and as a singer, is for people to listen to my songs, come to shows and sing my songs. And AGT did this for me. They really, really changed my life forever.”

Drake currently has over 65,000 followers on Instagram and has over two million plays for his songs on Spotify. The singer also recently came out to talk about his album and received lots of love and support from fans. Even though he didn’t win AGThe became one of the most popular contestants widely recognized throughout the competition.

The country singer will take his album on the road on a headlining tour across the country where he will perform over 16 shows. Tickets for this one are available on its website.

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