KGF: Chapter 2 Singer Anna Baby’s Song ‘Gaganam Nee’ Is Based On A Mother’s Emotions


Anna Baby was one of the first people to watch KGF: Chapter 2 during his release in Kerala. She had been waiting for this moment for a year and a half. The singer based in Angamaly, Kerala lent her vocals for the melody “Gaganam Nee” in the Malayalam version of the film. “Listening to my own song in a cult movie like KGF was like a dream,” says Anna.

It all started when his musical director friend Sam Simon George asked him to send some of his vocal samples as musical director of KGF Ravi Basrur was looking for a Malayali singer. Anna sang the female part of the song ‘Dheera dheera…‘ from KGF: Chapter 1 . “In one day, I was asked to go to Ravi Basrur’s studio in Mangaluru. It was in October 2020, at the height of the pandemic. But we didn’t have much time to think. My husband and I packed our bags and left for Mangaluru to check in,” she said.

It all happened so fast that Anna had little time to process it, she says. “The song had to carry a certain intensity and a certain feeling and I was a little tense. But it went well and Ravi monsieur was happy with my singing. I take that as a huge compliment.

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The song appears at a crucial moment in the film’s second half. “The song is about a mother’s emotions and it had to convey that power,” says Anna.

Anna, who worked as an engineer in Kochi for a year, decided to quit her job and pursue music full time. Although she had “been around” in the music industry for a while, KGF is her first real breakthrough into mainstream film music, says Anna. She released a few singles, devotional songs and covers. Anna sang the title song with Yesudas for the 2017 film Stanam. Anna also has a YouTube channel.

Anna has been learning Carnatic music since the age of six and is also learning Hindustani classical music.

“I received a lot of positive feedback from listeners for ‘Gaganam Nee’ and it is indeed a proud moment. It also comes with a sense of responsibility. This is just the beginning,” says Anna.


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