NOAH releases re-recorded version of 2003 debut album “Taman Langit”


Indonesian rock band NOAH shared a re-recording of their 2003 debut album, “Taman Langit”, which they released while still known as Peterpan.

The re-recorded version of ‘Taman Langit’ arrived on streaming platforms Friday, December 17, alongside a recreation of the music video for ‘Yang Terdalam’.

The new and improved music video, according to the group’s description on YouTube, was shot in the exact same location as the original, while also featuring a younger cast representing the band members. At the time of writing, the new video has already racked up over 7 million views.

Check out the new music video for ‘Yang Terdalam’ below.

By a Antara news Report, the re-recording of “Taman Langit” by NOAH is just the first of three Peterpan albums that the band is re-recording and releasing as part of their Second Chance series.

During press conference Earlier this month, singer Ariel (also known as Nazril Irham) said some of the re-recorded albums will feature new arrangements as well.

Listen to the re-recorded version of “Taman Langit” below.

NOAH debuted as Peterpan in 2000, before changing their name in August 2012 as they felt a new nickname. better suited to their music. The band released three albums under the name Peterpan and three original albums under the name NOAH – excluding the recently released re-recording.

NOAH recently won the Best Group Award at the 2021 Indonesian Music Awards for their song ‘Kala Cinta Menggoda’.


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