AUTONOMOUS ARTIST | How XTIE found its place in the music industry


When she was younger, XTIE never imagined being in the music industry until her early twenties.

She first majored in social studies at the City University of Hong Kong. It wasn’t until her final year of college, while on exchange at the University of Strathclyde, that she discovered her love for music.

Being in Glasgow allowed XTIE to experience music by joining music camps and enrolling in music lessons. At the same time, she also started watching Youtube videos about music production.

She says a music studio was right next to her dorm in Glasgow. “I would check their masterclasses every weekend to see if I could sit down, and that’s when it all started where I was like, ‘This is how music production is. “”

“I didn’t know I wanted to pursue music back then,” the 27-year-old artist said. “At that time, I was like, ‘This is something I really want to pursue. “”

After graduating from college, XTIE was still holding down a regular “day job.” However, she did manage to get into some backstage music production in hopes of “improving her skills”.

“It’s been six years since I learned anything until I published now,” says XTIE.

XTIE has gained support from various platforms, namely BBC Radio Scotland, RTHK, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, SCMP Young Post, LOCK Magazine UK, The Noise Gate UK, Music Crowns and HONK Magazine.

Her 2021 single, “Frenemy” ranked 1st on the RTHK Global chart.

XTIE notes, however, that music was part of her childhood although she only discovered the urge to pursue it when she was 20 years old. She started playing the piano at the age of 12 saying, “I didn’t fall in love with the piano but I started playing around the keys and learned to do ‘pop’ piano.”

It was also during this time that XTIE learned to write songs, until she realized she could make demos from what she already knew. She added that her initial knowledge of music production and creating demos was acquired by watching free tutorial videos on Youtube.

Despite her ever-increasing success in music, the Hong Kong-based artist still has a steady job. “I work for a charity [where] I manage and organize art programs for young people in Hong Kong. »

“We do a lot of community projects and projects for seniors, and we use art to bring people together,” she added.

Find his place

The inspiration behind her latest release “Spaceship,” XTIE shares, is rooted in her experience of never fitting into any circle as a young girl.

“I grew up feeling like I couldn’t really fit in a circle,” she said. “Growing up, I can’t really blend into one of the circles because I have different roots to pursue.”

From there, she took the perspective of an alien – a mythical creature isolated from the rest.

“This song is dedicated to people left behind, which means even if we’re left behind, we can build our own spaceship and do our little experiment and we can make it soar,” she said. declared.

XTIE added, “I also want to let my audience know that we’re okay with being alone in a spaceship because the spaceship can protect us.”

“Spatialship” was released on July 8 this year. It features a mellow electropop approach with catchy melodies, carrying a memorable refrain, “I’ll take my spaceship without you.”

Ever since the release of their new single “Spaceship,” XTIE has been optimistic about their music based on the positive reviews lately. “I’m so thrilled to be able to spread my songs – my stories – outside of Hong Kong. I’m really grateful that people love ‘Spaceship’.

The self-taught independent artist was able to perform at her first “Badtime Story Live 2021” concert and looks forward to performing in other countries as soon as COVID-19 travel restrictions are eased.

Speaking to his fans, XTIE said, “I’m really looking forward to being able to travel and come to you to sing and perform. This is my dream.”

XTIE’s new single “Spaceship” is out now on all music platforms.


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