Here you can find out a bit more about the charming artist Shushu Hidar and her haunting song “In Bed”


MInnie Mouse’s hooded bun and tie-dye dress may be very intriguing to look at, but her exquisite musical performance is something that will keep you fully engaged. Shushu Hidar provides a charming accent with a striking accent; his entire musical discography contains devouring pieces. And ‘In bed’ is surely one of the best of them; she delivered catchy tunes with supreme musical artistry.

From the edgy lyrics to the captivating soundscapes, everything about this artist is extremely deep. The captivating scenery and the mesmerizing feeling that the song carries are very overwhelming. However, the number is clearly very pleasant to observe. Congratulations, Shushu Hidar for the success of this video and we wish you many successes in the years to come.

1. First of all, we would like to know the meaning of your beautiful and interesting name.

Rep. My family calls me Shushu and I decided to use it because it feels real and touches me and reminds me of that young girl I was who always wanted to write.

2. Can you share the oldest memory you have of music, its creation or its performance?

Rep. The first time I went to the recording studio, I felt alive and extremely happy to record my own song that I had written and I knew that was my happiness.

3. Who has been by your side on this daunting journey through this world of music?

Rep. The path to success is never easy because you have to believe in yourself and keep working and never give up and work on your areas of development, my family and my friends have always supported my passion but my niece and my nephew are my biggest fans 😍 they always want to listen and dance to my songs.

4. If you have to choose three names that have inspired your career as a musician.

Rep. I would choose Dieter Bohlen, Peter Thomas and Sam Feldt, I’m also inspired by The Script and Ed Sheeran, those are more than three names 😂

5. This song is by far one of the best you’ve released; we would like to know if you work with record companies or if you go solo on this exhausting journey?

Rep. I worked on my song “In Bed” with a Mexican musician, he’s so talented, his name is Ofo. But yeah, I’m going solo on this trip, but I’m loving every step.

6. Since when did you know that music is the passion you are ready to follow for the rest of your life and provide your audience with smooth music like “In Bed”?

Rep. I knew writing songs was my passion from a young age, and I encourage everyone to find their passion in life, sometimes you know it and sometimes you have to seek it. Following your passion will give your life great meaning.

7. What’s the first song you released or did but didn’t post online, share the song.

Rep. I wrote a song when I was 10, it was in Arabic language, then I released it in English but now it’s not online anymore, it’s very special for me because it reminds me of my childhood and I want her to release it again in the future.

8. Is there any advice you are willing to offer to all upcoming musical artists? What they should do or what they should avoid doing on this trip.

Rep. You have to believe in yourself and never give up, you will hear so much feedback on your songs but you have to choose someone you trust and understand your style and listen to their advice, you will only grow if you step out of your comfort zone , keep believing that you will get there and go step by step and enjoy the journey and not the destination. the most important thing is to enjoy your life doing what you love to do.

9. The song’s video is very aesthetic, and the scenic beauty is all-consuming. Can you please share details of where the video was shot?

Rep. The video was shot in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, I wanted an abandoned place to reflect what the song means, so me and the videographer Martin were looking for this place and we were very happy to find it.

10. Is there a memory about this song that you are ready to share?

Rep. This song is about when you feel down and don’t want to leave the bed, you might be mentally or physically tired, sometimes you need to recharge to prepare for your next goal.

11. Share something for your fans, where they can find you or the musical craft you have released from afar.

Rep. I want to thank everyone who has supported me by subscribing or following me on social media, it’s amazing to feel supported and I appreciate every like and every share, when it comes from the heart it reaches the heart and it reached my heart 💖 I am available on most music platforms, instagram and Youtubethey can find me by: Shushu Hidar Or Shushu then type the name of the song like: “In bed” or “Luz De la Luna”.

And I want to thank you Jennifer for your interview, it was a great pleasure.


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