Local 303: The Colorado Artists We Feature for February 2022


Black History Month has been celebrated nationwide since 1976 to recognize the achievements of African Americans and their cultural contribution to the United States and beyond. As Colorado music fans, The Local 303 has chosen to elevate some of our state’s most inspiring and up-and-coming black artists.

Thinking back to Colorado’s rich history of influential African-American musicians, we welcomed 1970s jazz legend Dianne Reeves, longtime blues singer Otis Taylor, members of supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire, the ” Classical music’s Jackie Robinson’ Charlie Burrell, and modern jazz inspiration and cornetist Ron Miles.

Expect New Singles This Month From 303 Returning Local Artists Kayla Rae and saxon old man. Rae, who is an acclaimed R&B singer, has been busy recording in Los Angeles; and hip-hop legend saxon old man (watch it on the Netflix series Rhythm and flow) also worked on new music, including a children’s album. You can catch him headlining with Flobots on March 12 at the Marquis Theater.

There are some exciting new musical projects you’ll hear this month, including new R&B/folk/reggae duo UnevenDenseFog which debuted last year. J. Loryn whose new single exudes the energy of one of her influences, Aaliyah.

From the underground dance music scene we welcome an electronic artist Sinister and his infectious collaboration with singer Morgan Neiman. Thanks to former Local 303 musician, Cat Evans, who gave us some tips on the music of they. we will get new singles from him as well as Kent Washington III, a self-proclaimed “cultivator of culture” who is about to set off on his first headlining tour this year.

Rolos Rios, whose hometown is Colorado Springs, will bring their own flavor of boom bap to the airwaves as well as ReSurface, from Aurora, who really inspired the hip-hop community to rap about mental health. We will also hear the rapper No Renee, who recently moved to Georgia and his latest single – we’ve been spinning his music since his 2020 release of a song on Mean girls’ iconic character “Regina George”. And another hip-hop artist infusing pop culture into his lyrics is AJ 773, who recently released a song called “Kat Dennings Freestyle”.

Our youngest Local 303 artist ends an exciting month as we welcome the talented singer-songwriter Julia Kirkwood, a 16-year-old pop artist from Fort Collins.

We hope you find some discovery as we shine a light on the black Coloradans you need to hear and see!

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be in Local 303? Send us your music.

Check out February’s picks:


Photo: Roxane

Hometown: Denver, CO

Form: 2017

Last version: “WTF (Will To Fight)” feat. Cat Evans

Pronouns: He she

On: they. is a visionary musician/artist currently residing in Denver, CO. The name iies is coined from his birth name “Craig Northup II” which he takes the Roman numeral two, and applies it to symbolize the letter “i” to pronounce the word “eyes.”

“eyes” was a childhood nickname given to him, which he now embraces to reflect how “eyes” conjure up many different perspectives. He made this idea one of the pillars of his artistic mission today.

they. wants to take its audience on a multi-sensory experience by depicting the energies of our reality through visual art and music, to explain the vibrations of light and sound. His art is expressive, vibrant and painterly with swirling lines, bending and twisting perspectives, and filled with movement; his music is lyrically complex, energetic and challenging.

Away from his past personality and more restrained by the mental constraints of his own societal, parental and internal shortcomings, hey. now proudly expresses her fully realized identity with her story of trauma, redemption and spiritually.

they. was recently featured in 303 magazine.

Musicians who inspire: Jean Dawson, puma blue, Wun Two, flying lotus, Kendrick Lamar

What is the continuation of your musical project in 2022: I have a few musical projects that I plan to release in 2022.

Website: www.iies.co

Be social: Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music


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