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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Local native Maddy Hicks is making a name for herself in Music City with the release of her new album Reclaiming.

The pop singer-songwriter, originally from Saratoga County, has been performing his self-written music for nearly a decade.

After discovering his passion for music growing up in Charlton, Hicks moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2018 to pursue a career as a songwriter and artist while studying at Belmont University.

She writes about the experience of her twenties with a unique sense of rhythm and rhyme under powerful melodies.

In December 2019, Hicks released their debut album The Bliss You Missed.

Since then, she’s shifted to a more pop sound, dropping singles and EPs throughout 2021 until the release of her second album Reclaiming, released on September 24.

“This project is about my experiences of loss and discovery in all aspects of life,” Hicks said in a press release. “The pressures that can move a person can be internal or external; strive to be better, fight against mental health, face society’s expectations, love someone, lose someone and love someone again. It’s messy and endlessly frustrating, but it’s also human.

“I wanted to create something that captures that feeling and reminds others that their struggles and successes are magnificent. So I did Reclaiming.

Hicks shared more about Reclaiming and his local education in a recent Q&A with The Saratogian.

Q. Growing up in Charlton, was that where your love for music started?

“I remember seeing a few musicals and local talent shows in the Charlton / Burnt Hills area when I was very little, and I knew as soon as I saw those that I wanted to do something like that. I attended Burnt Hills United Methodist Church and sang there from a young age. At the start of elementary school, I started doing summer musical theater programs. I took piano and violin lessons, sang in the school choir, and wrote songs in my spare time. Anywhere I could find music, I wanted to be a part of it!

Q. Why did you move to Nashville?

“I moved to Nashville in 2018 to study at Belmont University majoring in songwriting and minor in music business. Not only did the school feel ideal for learning songwriting, I also loved the energy of the city. Nashville is such an inspiring place with so many opportunities, and I feel really lucky to live here.

Q. What was the inspiration behind Reclaiming?

“When I thought about starting this project, I knew I wanted it to tell a great story. I like albums that go from song to song very well, and I love concept albums. So I decided to write around the idea of ​​getting lost and finding yourself again. It was around fall 2020, when we were still at the height of the pandemic. I was constantly faced with change and discovering myself, and wanted to write about the good and the bad.

Q. Now that this full album is out, what’s the next step on your music agenda?

“I started playing gigs with a full band around Nashville, and hope to keep that going until the fall! Recording and playing are totally different experiences, and I can’t wait to explore the latter. I will continue to promote this project for a while, and will probably start a new one next year. I already have some ideas that fascinate me.

Q. How often do you go to upstate New York? What do you like about it and what do you miss?

“Although I live in Nashville more permanently now, I take 2-3 trips a year, usually during vacations. I love coming home during the winter and seeing real snow again. And it’s nice to come back to a small town after being in town for so long. While I am away, I miss my family and friends, along with my two cats and my dog. Seeing them is the best part of coming home.

More information about Maddy Hicks and her music is available online at maddyhicks.com.

Details on where to stream Reclaiming are available online at linktr.ee/maddyhicks13.

Maddy Hicks is a pop singer-songwriter.
Nashville-based artist Maddy Hicks is from Saratoga County.


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