Tributes to late Malaysian pop singer Siti Sarah


Malaysian pop singer Siti Sarah, whose career won her critical acclaim and major awards in the 2000s, has died. She was 36 years old.

The news came yesterday (August 9) after learning that Siti, eight months pregnant, had given birth to her fourth child by Caesarean section. Channel News Asia reported that Siti died that morning after the procedure was successful.

Prior to the procedure, the singer was admitted to hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. New times of the straits reported on Friday August 6 that Siti and her family tested positive on July 25 and that she was sent by ambulance due to low oxygen levels soon after.

Siti’s husband, comedian Shuib Sepahtu, shared his final moments with the singer in a report.

“With the help of the nurses and the doctor, I was able to make the video call and it was the last time my kids and I would lay eyes on her while she was still alive,” he said. he declared, by New times of the straits. “At the time, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks, as if she understood what we were saying to her.”

Siti made waves in the 2000s when she released her debut album, “Sarah”, which features her biggest hit, “Kesetiaan”.

While the singer hadn’t released a full album since “Tiada Dikau Tiada Makna” in 2005, she continued to release singles throughout the following decade. In June 2020, Siti unveiled their latest single, ‘Semakin Benci Semakin Cinta’, a duet with Sepahtu.

In the wake of the news, tributes poured online, including one by royalty. “Their Majesties pray that his soul will be blessed by Allah SWT and placed among the righteous,” one official said. Facebook statement, as translated by The star. The King and Queen of Malaysia have also expressed their sadness over the passing and sent their thoughts to his immediate family.

Pop singer Siti Nurhaliza offered her condolences to Siti on Instagram Stories, while her Indigital Music label, YouTuber Jin Lim and Singaporean actress Hannah Delisha also mourned the singer’s passing on social media. A fan paid tribute by pointing out the difficulties faced by Siti early in his career.

“Siti Sarah grew up under difficult circumstances, received nasty remarks early in her career for not fitting up to society’s beauty standards… and became the voice of Malay pop in the early 2000s in because of his talent and hard work, ”they wrote on Twitter.

Others have marked his passing as a grim reminder of the severe impact of COVID-19 in Malaysia. The country continues to fight its strongest wave to date. On August 9, it recorded 17,236 new positive cases with 212 deaths, according to the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

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Assalamualaikum semua.Dengan berat hati dan berdukacita, kami ingin memaklumkan bahawasanya Siti Sarah Raissuddin…

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