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EST Gee joins Ebro Darden on the latest episode of Rap Life Radio on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new album “Bigger Than Life or Death”. He tells Apple Music about his collaboration with Jack Harlow, the collaboration with Drake that wasn’t meant to be, and the possibility of collaboration down the line.

Video | EST Gee talks to Apple Music about new album ‘Bigger Than Life or Death’ on Rap Life Radio

EST Gee tells Apple Music Drake was originally supposed to be on ‘Lick Back (Remix)’

It was supposed to be Drake too, but he got out of the country. He said he wasn’t really recording. But Drake hit me like, “Dude, I wish I was part of this.” That’s how the structure came about because he was the third person on it, but instead I just came back.

EST Gee talks to Apple Music about collaborating with Jack Harlow

Jack, he really does. He was doing things the people of Louisville had never seen from a rapper in Louisville. He made sure I stay focused, he’s a big part of me to get here because that’s not going to deter you.

EST Gee informs Apple Music of possible future collaboration with Drake

Drake busy man, but he got the songs and shit. I don’t pressure him for no cost or anything like that, I know he respects him and greets him. That’s all I need, I don’t need the song. I know he recognizes that it is something to recognize. When it’s supposed to happen, it’ll be like this. It might be on the next album. We may already have four or five songs. You’ll just wait and see.

EST Gee Tells Apple Music He’s Growing His Hair Out

When I was shot, I was in the hospital for about two weeks, so I didn’t have a cut. You know when I got out I got a bullet in the eye. You feel me, so I had that fat ass over my eye. You feel me so I couldn’t cut myself. The moment I thought about getting cut, I was like fucking this. I will keep it for a long time.


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