Hip-Hop Artist Moksh Releases Four-Song EP “At Your Service”


Shillong-born Guwahati-based rapper Moksh has released his new EP “At Your Service” on all music streaming platforms. A fast-paced four-track EP, ‘At Your Service’ is Moksh’s third album following her 2019 releases ‘Twenty One’ and ‘Blackout’.

An ode to the spirit of India, the four songs on the playlist include “Gadbad Hai”, “Rose”, “Rehne De” and “Bharat”.

Moksh bases his compositions on a variety of real-life experiences and situations. Likewise, every song on ‘At Your Service’ is bursting with positive and vibrant energy.

The original plan to release these songs as a single took on new meaning when the second wave of the pandemic hit India. Moksh realized that the pandemic had exposed the irrationality of the world. But he found the inspiration to continue in the people. Their little acts of kindness in the face of such adversity helped him restore his lost hopes.

He said: “When my grandparents and I tested positive for COVID-19, it was a physical and emotional challenge for me. But we managed to overcome it. And none of this would have been possible without the help of a group of sincere and generous people, many of whom had never been met before, who came to our aid in various ways.

“This whole incident led to a revelation. We are here to support our people in their most vulnerable times. It is the very idea of ​​offering a helping hand regardless of our socio-economic status that matters. Music has given me a lot over the years and now it’s my turn to put my music to good use. It is “At your service” for you, ”he added.

The songs were produced by Flamesmagic from Guwahati, Basshole and Kabir Jamatia from Agartala. A video of the main piece Bharat was also released on August 15 in an attempt to celebrate the country’s diversity.

“It’s a call to foster a more inclusive environment. We hope that the lines “Ek Aur Ek Se Bane Hum Anek” and “Humhi Se Toh Bharat Banta” would resonate in the heart, mind and soul of every Indian, ”Moksh said in a statement.

Also available for purchase on Skillbox, the product will be used for COVID-19 relief work and to deliver rations and essential items to 500 households in every state in northeast India via Impulse NGO Network.

‘At Your Service’ streams on JioSaavn, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music and all other music streaming platforms.


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