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Ayozat is a British media company that recently signed a contract with Lumi AG, a copyright specialist. In the £38 million ($50 million) deal, as reported by the DailyMail, the company secured the lucrative rights to thousands of famous songs. Now, music lovers around the world can earn royalties by being co-owners of these famous hits.

Tracks included in the offer

The deal secures 100,000 leads. In these tracks you can find a variety of songs from some of the greatest artists of all time, like Michael Jackson. The catalog includes “Big Boy”, which is Michael Jackson’s first song that he sang with fellow Jackson 5 band members.

MJ sang his first song when he was just nine years old. The song will be featured in an upcoming film about the band. Copyright specialist Lumi AG acquired Jackson 5 material from Steeltown Music Studio, which recorded the first Jackson 5 album when band manager Joe Jackson hired the studio in 1968.

Other singers whose work is included in this deal include Eminem, Bee Gees, Snoop Dogg, Sex Pistols, Luciano Pavorotti, Tupac, Whitney and Usher. Rarely do music fans have such opportunities to earn royalties with songs sung by some of the world’s most famous musicians.

As the Jackson 5 songs are going to be revealed to the world again in 2023, chances are you can make a lot of money investing in them. Users can purchase song copyrights through the NFT Ayozat property platform.

What is NFT and how does it work?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are cryptographic tokens that cannot be replicated, the NYTimes explains. They represent real-world elements such as music, game elements, videos, and gifs. They make it easier for people to buy or sell digital assets in a secure way.

They are built using the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrency. However, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be traded against each other (because they are not fungible).

Those interested in purchasing music as NFTs will first need to create a digital wallet (to hold NFTs and cryptos). Then you will connect it to the NFT market. Your wallet must also have the crypto that the NFT provider accepts.

NFT Copyright Laws

NFT copyright laws are similar to the copyright laws of any other traditional work of art. If someone creates an NFT, they automatically get their copyright. You will then have certain rights that others do not have. The owner is legally authorized to make copies of the NFT and distribute them. It can also display the NFT in public.

If a non-copyrighted person tries to do the same, they can be fined for breaking the law. You can create a copy of an NFT only if you have obtained permission from its true owner.

Last update: April 18, 2022


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